Searching for the best hearing aid on the market can be difficult. There are numerous technology levels, features, and styles to choose from, and figuring out which hearing aid may be the best for your needs can differ from everyone else. As a hearing aid practice, we’ve been asked countless times, “which hearing aids are the best?” Well we’ve decided to focus this post on which hearing aids we feel worked best for our patients. In no particular order, let’s dive into our hearing aids list.

Rexton Stellar Li™

Integrated with a long lasting Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the Stellar Li is a great option for those with long busy days. By placing the hearing aids in their charger station, they are fully powered and ready for a full days use in just 4 hours! Using Rexton’s TruCore™ technology, Stellar Li provides an enjoyable listening experience in a variety of environments from bustling restaurants to shopping centers, and even listening to music. A few other notable features that these hearing aids have include:

  • Tinnitus masking and distraction
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Wireless connectivity, audio streaming, and remote functionality


Silk Nx

The Silk Nx is a virtually invisible solution to better hearing, in fact, it was designed even smaller than its predecessor! These small hearing aids pack a powerful punch with Ultra HD e2e for exceptional comprehension in speech and provides clear, natural sound. Silk Nx utilizes Signia’s innovative click sleeve that gives precise fitting without the inconvenience of waiting for custom-built devices, they’re completely-in-canal and ready-to-wear hearing aids that offer comfort and high quality sound unobtrusively. Aside from their quick fitting and crystal-clear sound capabilities, the Silk Nx also offers personalized setting discreetly through the palm of your hands with the touchControl™ phone application. If you do not own a smartphone, they also offer the miniPocket™ which is a small convenient sized remote control used to individualize your listening settings. For those who wish to be discreet but still want powerful hearing devices, the Silk Nx is a viable option!

Unitron Moxi All™

Unitron’s Moxi All is one of the first hearing aids to combine rechargeable technology and the ability to connect to any phone, not just iPhones, directly to stream phone calls straight to your hearing aids. Furthermore, with one simple accessory you can stream audio from your TV, tablet, computer, or stereo directly to your hearing aids! Using SoundCore technology, Moxi All provides high quality sound that adjusts to your environment so you’re able to be present in every conversation, no matter where you go. SoundCore works by having Unitron’s group of four intelligent features to work harmoniously with each other to provide constant fluid adjustments to your hearing aids. The four features are:

  • SoundNav – Focusing on conversations, SoundNav analyzes and classifies sounds within the environment automatically.
  • Sound Conductor – provides better speech understanding and natural sound by dynamically balancing features.
  • Spatial Awareness – effortlessly localize sound allowing for a more natural, realistic listening experience.
  • Speech Pro – provides excellent speech comprehension and localization, even while in loud, noisy environments.

Hearing loss can be unique to each person, as should their hearing solution be as well. Tailored to suit the needs of people, hearing aids feature various elements in helping hearing for different environments and listening lifestyles. This post is based solely off of what we, as an independent practice, have experienced first-hand works best currently for our patients. This post in no way should be the determining factor on which you base your decision to make a hearing aid purchase instead, we recommend giving us a call if you feel any of the hearing aids mentioned could potentially be the perfect solution for you! If you or a loved one would like more information, or would like to simply be tested for hearing loss, contact us today and experience the Hear-It-All difference!