Welcome to the fifth profile in our series on hearing aid manufacturers. Throughout this series we will be going through several of the main manufacturers in the hearing aid industry. Our goal is to spread knowledge of each hearing aid manufacturer and their top selling products to anyone who may be looking for a perfect hearing solution. So, let’s introduce our fifth manufacturer profile;Phonak.     

Established: 1947 
Headquarters: Stӓfa, Switzerland


With over 70 years of research, dedication, and innovation, Phonak has driven themselves to be one of the biggest hearing aid manufacturers with the focus of excellence. Phonak has released a number of hearing aid industry firsts such as, the release of the first behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid, Phonette. Marking off numerous strides towards the advancement of hearing aid technology, Phonak continues to strive for superior quality, reliability, and unparalleled precision.

Top Products:

Audéo™ Marvel
You can truly experience love at first sound with the Phonak Audeo Marvel. With its award winning technology, Audéo™ Marvel adjusts perfectly to any environment so you’re able to easily comprehend speech even in a noisy place. These hearing aids have been designed to detect and automatically adapt to various listening situations giving confidence to the wearer that you’ll hear every sound naturally, wherever you go.

Audéo™ B-Direct
Just like its predecessor, Audéo™ B, the Audéo™ B-Direct gives you the same high-quality sound in any environment with the ability to connect wirelessly to any device that’s Bluetooth capable. With this industry breakthrough, you’re able to connect to any and all phones with Bluetooth, and with the new TV Connector that Phonak offers, your hearing aids can be directly turned into wireless TV headphones. When your hearing aids can keep up with you and connect to any phone wirelessly, life is on.

Stick with us because the next manufacturer profile on our list is Widex. If you haven’t been keeping up, check out our last article about Signia! Remember, it is recommended to get your hearing checked annually, so take the first step towards healthy hearing and contact us today to schedule a free hearing test!