Welcome to the second profile in our series on hearing aid manufacturers. Throughout this series we will be going through several of the main manufacturers in the hearing aid industry. Our goal is to spread knowledge of each hearing aid manufacturer and their top-selling products to anyone who may be looking for a perfect hearing solution. So, let’s dive in with our second manufacturer profile; Rexton.

Established: 1955
Headquarters: Indianapolis, Minnesota


 Since 1955 Rexton has become a global brand that distributes their products in over 70 countries. Their high quality products are integrated with seamless interfaces that work to optimize the listening experience. Rexton targets performance and design within their products, and has a top tier list of BTE’s, ITE’s, and RIC’s. Hearing aids that provide outstanding speech comprehension and personalization that wear comfortably is what Rexton is known for.

Top Products:

Powered by TruCore™ technology, the premium Emerald RIC hearing aid is fullypacked with hi-tech features that provide an effortless speech understanding. These hearing devices are the perfect size for those who wish to be discreet, they’re tiny yet sophisticated. With an easy rechargeable battery feature you’re able to get a full day of listening with a simple overnight charge.           

A completely-in-canal hearing aid that’s a perfect solution to long waits for custom-fit hearing aid earmolds. With the use of Rexton’s innovative soft sleeve, it provides a quick custom fit right in the audiologists office! Integrated with SecureTec™ technology, which allows for the hearing aid to be sweat, moisture, and dirt resistant these hearing aids can keep up with you all day!

Stick with us because the next manufacturer profile on our list is ReSound GN. If you haven’t been keeping up, check out our last article about Unitron! If you feel like Rexton hearing aids could be the perfect solution for you to get better hearing, please get in touch with us today!