Welcome to the seventh profile in our series on hearing aid manufacturers. Throughout this series we will be going through several of the main manufacturers in the hearing aid industry. Our goal is to spread knowledge of each hearing aid manufacturer and their top-selling products to anyone who may be looking for a perfect hearing solution. So, let’s get started with our seventh manufacturer profile; Oticon. Established: 1904 Headquarters: Smørum, Denmark


 Oticon has been a major influencer within the hearing aid industry for many years. While originating from Denmark, they officially opened their doors in America as Oticon Corp. in 1965. Aside from expanding to the United States, Oticon Corp. has also ventured into other markets such as: Germany, Scotland, France, and Italy among others. Since then they’ve been making big strides within the technology of hearing aids. In 2004 introduced their current slogan of “People First.” This slogan still stands as their center around how Oticon progresses, always thinking of the people for which they work so hard.

Top Products:

 Oticon Opn3™
Designed to open the world of sound around you, Oticon’s Opn works with the brain to allow for easier speech comprehension with less effort. Opn technology opens up your listening environment to provide a 360° soundscape so you’re able to hear multiple speakers. By analyzing between speech and noise, Opn ensures you’re able to understand various speakers in a room full of other noises. The Oticon Opn is available in three hearing aid styles to suit a range of hearing needs.    

Oticon Siya 
Focus on every precious moment with the Oticon Siya.  Siya effectively reduces noise which allows for better speech understanding. The Siya comes in many styles and colors, including an invisible model and a rechargeable battery model. Using Bluetooth low-energy technology, Siya enables you to stream high-quality audio directly to your hearing aids. You can connect Siya to virtually any bluetooth capable device such as: your TV, smartphone, tablet, and other devices.

Stick around, because the next manufacturer profile on our list is Starkey! If you haven’t been keeping up, check out our last article about Widex! Remember, it is recommended to get your hearing checked annually, so take the first step towards healthy hearing and call us today to schedule a free hearing test!