Welcome to the fourth profile in our series on hearing aid manufacturers. Throughout this series we will be going through several of the main manufacturers in the hearing aid industry. Our goal is to spread knowledge of each hearing aid manufacturer and their top-selling products to anyone who may be looking for a perfect hearing solution. So, let’s dive in with our fourth manufacturer profile; Signia.  

Established: 1964
Headquarters: Ontario, Canada


Originally named Siemens, after Werner von Siemens, Signia has become one of the most innovative brands within the hearing aid industry. In 2016 Siemens had gone through a complete rebrand and became what’s known as Signia. Signia brings the latest technological advances and aims to provide tools and applications to help better customer interaction and engagement on every level of hearing aid management.

Top Products:

This is considered the industries first “sexy” hearing aid. It’s slim design is one of a kind with the use of a pin-shaped Lithium-ion battery, allowing the design to differ from the traditional hearing aid shape. Aside from transforming the common look of hearing aids, it offers exceptional sound quality, with 8 out of 10 people preferring Styletto. With the use of Own Voice Processing (OVP™) technology, you’re able to enjoy the various sounds of voices, including your own. The Styletto was designed to embrace life with stylish technology.

Silk Nx
Built even smaller than its predecessor, the Silk Nx is a nearly invisiblesolution to better hearing. These small hearing devices pack a powerful punch with Ultra HD e2e for remarkable speech comprehension and clear, natural sound. Silk Nx is a completely-in-canal ready-to-wear hearing aid with innovative click sleeves that offers precise fitting without the hassle of waiting for custom-built devices. For those who wish to be discreet but still want powerful hearing devices, the Silk Nx could be the perfect solution for you!

Pure Charge & Go Nx
With wireless charging as it’s key player, these hearing aids embody the phrase “charge & go.” The Pure Charge & Go Nx utilizes wireless rechargeability so wearers no longer need to struggle with disposable batteries anymore. Not only does it power up fully with an overnight charge, it also provides you with top Bluetooth connectivity through the use of their high-capacity Lithium-ion powered battery cell. These hearing aids will offer you clear, crisp sounds every time.

Stick with us because the next manufacturer profile on our list is Phonak. If you haven’t been keeping up, check out our last article about Resound GN! If you or a loved one has experienced changes in hearing recently get in touch with us today and let us help you find a perfect solution!