Who makes hearing aids anyways? We’ve gotten this question a lot, so we thought would create a “Manufacturer’s Series” where we highlight each of the major hearing aid manufacturers and their products. We will take a deeper look into the history and current strides of some of the biggest hearing aid manufacturer companies to date. Our goal is to spread knowledge of each hearing aid manufacturer and their top-selling products to anyone who may be looking for a perfect hearing solution. So, let’s begin with our first manufacturer profile; Unitron.

Established: 1964
Headquarters: Waterloo Region of Canada


Originally founded by Fred Stork, Rolf Dohmer, and Rolf Strothmann in Newfoundland, Canada, Unitron now distributes hearing devices in 70 countries. Since the beginning, Unitron has built its foundation of the company based off the core belief that their products can be opportunities for a better life to those who can’t hear. Unitron is continuously making strides within the hearing aid industry and focuses on maintaining the strength of personal relationships between their employees, business professionals, and hearing healthcare professionals.

Top Products

Moxi All
You can have it all, with Moxi All. These innovative hearing devices allow for direct audio streaming to any iPhones and smartphones with Bluetooth hands-free compatibility. Driven by Unitrons latest technology platform, Tempus, the Moxi All delivers crisp, clear sound in noisy and bustling environments. In fact, here are some statistics that show people prefer Tempus technology:

  • 50% more accurate
  • 36% faster
  • 89% better hearing in conversations
  • 98% of hearing healthcare professionals would recommend Tempus to their colleagues


Being a primarily In-The-Ear hearing aid family, Insera brings a powerful sound in a small package. Using their EarMatch technology, Unitron is able to customize each hearing device to perfectly optimize sound recognition and direction for each patient’s unique ear shape. Insera operates using the Tempus technology platform which integrates new advanced SoundCore features that allow the hearing devices to be fine tuned to perform their absolute best providing amazing speech understanding and clear, real sound.

Stay tuned because next time we will be taking a dive into the world of Rexton hearing aids! If you feel like Unitron hearing aids could be the perfect fit in your listening lifestyle contact us today and experience the Hear-It-All difference!