Welcome to the sixth profile in our series on hearing aid manufacturers. Throughout this series we will be going through several of the main manufacturers in the hearing aid industry. Our goal is to spread knowledge of each hearing aid manufacturer and their top-selling products to anyone who may be looking for a perfect hearing solution. So, let’s get started with our sixth manufacturer profile; Widex.

Established: 1956
Headquarters: Lynge, Denmark


 Since being founded in 1956, Widex has become a hearing aid manufacturer giant. Within the 60 years of research and service they’ve given to their customers, Widex has made incremental impacts for hearing aid technology. Widex is now represented in over 100 countries, and has numerous subsidiaries worldwide. Helping people hear is their business, and they strive to uphold their mission daily by providing “the absolute best hearing aids and customer services.”

Top Products

The Widex EVOKE is a smart hearing aid that comes through the Widex technology of SoundSense. With SoundSense, EVOKE can adjust automatically to your current listening situation. It can tell the difference between pop music and classical music, and the difference between a party, or a meeting. Use the EVOKE app on your phone to get a more personalized touch, or be hands off and let EVOKE do the work. EVOKE is the hearing aid that evolves with you and to better suit your listening needs.

An in-the-ear hearing aid that features powerful technology so you don’t have to sacrifice discretion for optimal hearing quality. Widex CUSTOM is fitting using CAMISHA, Widex’s laser technology provides the perfect fit personalized to your ear. With an app that allows you control over your settings and high quality sound while still being discreet, the Widex CUSTOM is the perfect unobtrusive hearing device.      

Stick with us because the next manufacturer profile on our list is Oticon.

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