Rexton Stellar Li 8c

“Tackle your busy day without missing a beat!”


Direct streaming with smart rechargeability, what more could you ever ask for more from your hearing aids? The Rexton Stellar Li 8c is now able to stream Bluetooth audio directly to both hearing aids! This means you’re able to seamlessly connect to any iPhone, TV, or any other Bluetooth-enabled devices through Rexton’s Smart Transmitter 2.4 and Smart Mic.

In addition to being able to direct stream audio to both hearing aids, the Stellar Li is ensuring the wearer is hearing his/her own natural-sounding voice with the use of My Voice technology integrated into the 8c platform. My Voice is able to identify the wearer’s own voice allowing these rechargeable hearing aids to process it differently than other sounds and voices.

Smart Li-ion Rechargeability

No more hassling with batteries and tiny battery doors, Stellar Li has smart rechargeability that offers you convenience and ease. Simply place the Rexton hearing aids into the designated Smart Li-ion charging case and within 4 hours these Bluetooth hearing aids are ready to go for another 24 hours of use! There are also numerous accessories from Rexton that enhance the experience of their hearing aids. An example of this would be the Smart Key, a remote control which provides accessibility and control for those who wish to be discreet.

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