Unitron Discover Jump R

“A revolutionary hearing experience”


Building off their Tempus platform, the Discover platform is designed to maximize the experience of first-time wearers with the ease of their first-fit experience. The Unitron Discover Jump R combines exceptional sound with outstanding comfort. Here are just a few notable features of the Discover Jump R:

Incredible Bluetooth Connectivity

The Discover Jump R is able to stream audio directly to both hearing aids via Bluetooth. In fact, these hearing aids can directly connect to any other Bluetooth enabled devices, such as iPhones, tablets, iPads, smartphones, and much more!

Rechargeability Reimagined

Rechargeability is as easy as 1-2-3 with the Jump R charging station. Simply place your hearing aids into the device at night and get a full days charge by the time you wake up! This charging station not only provides a powerful charge for your devices, but it also doubles as a drying station as well. The drying station feature enables your hearing aids to work to their highest potential every time by filtering out any moisture that may be trapped inside the hearing device.

Specialized SoundCore Technology

Soundcore technology from UnitronThe SoundCore combines four powerful features to provide wearers with the hearing experience they deserve. When these features work cohesively, it creates an intelligent processing system that supports a one-of-a-kind listening experience. The four features are:

  • SoundNav 3.0 – classifying and optimizing sounds in any environment so wearers can enjoy comfortable listening wherever they go.
  • Spatial Awareness – using a four-microphone strategy, spatial awareness is able to help better identify where a voice or noise is coming from.
  • SpeechPro – allowing wearers to create conversation, even in loud environments through determining where speech is coming from.
  • Sound Conductor – by balancing speech enhancement, noise reduction, and directionality, wearers can enjoy conversation with impeccable speech understanding.


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